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PPA Chief Launches CamSur Ferry Service

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) General Manager Atty. Juan C. Sta. Ana led the launching recently of the “Roll-On, Roll-Off” (RO-RO) service along the route connecting the port of Nato to the port of Caramoan in Camarines Sur, and eventually to Codon in San Andres, Catanduanes. His visit to the Bicolandia last March 16, marked his third out-of-town sortie since he was appointed PPA GM. He was accompanied by Hector E. Miole, assistant general manager for corporate affairs and special projects Port District Director for Southern Tagalog. The maiden voyage of MV Calixta III for that route was a triumph of determination and optimism among PPA, Partido Development Administration and Catanduanes. In the same speech, Sta. Ana said, “this ferry service in ports around Lagunoy Gulf will lure bus operators, haulers, traders and tourists as they will find land travel from Metro Manila to Codon, San Andres, Catanduanes via Nato Port to be shorter by at least “two hours”…

Retracing the Footsteps

Holy Week is only a few days away and many possibly are thinking of vacation spots, reunions and beaches. While other will just opt to confine themselves at home to avoid the rush or for whatever reasons. Attending the church services is also a must for us Catholics during this season. But what could be more compelling than any other is, visiting the Holy Land. Since many of us could not visit Jerusalem in our lifetime, I created an interactive map to point the landmarks where the Last Supper took place (Cenacle on Mount Zion), the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where He was sentenced ( now The Church of Condemnation) to Via Dolorosa (Way of the Suffering) and end to Golgotha or Cavalry now the Church of Holy Sepulcher. Visually, you can make a rough estimate of the distances Jesus Christ have walked. From the Garden of Gethsemane where He was arrested, to the place where He was sentenced and to Cavalry where He was crucified. You can also see on the map important places mentioned…

Time to Push the Moribund Tourism Industry

Since the late Governor Severo Alcantara coined "Sulong Catandungan!" as the Capitol rallying cry, not much has been accomplished in the development of the local tourism industry. At best, the record of the past administrations in trying to lure domestic and foreign tourists to this island paradise has been spotty and limited to just a few weeks or months of the year. Baras’ famed Majestic surf is supposedly fit for professional surfers and the waves attain their majestic size only during the "habagat" season from July to September. While Governor Joseph Cua and his family has certainly made visiting Twin Rock beach resort a must, with added attractions such as a zip line and climbing wall, half of the way to Igang remains a first-class rough road. There are at least two travel agencies but there is not one offering regular tours of the island that would take a visitor through destinations as diverse as old churches, historical places, refreshing waterfalls, su…

Quick Tour Around the Philippines

This is a quick tour around the Philippines, from the beaches of El Nido in Palawan, to Makati Avenue, to Rizal Park, to San Juanico bridge in Leyte, to Mayon Volcano in Albay and many more. This tour requires you to install a Google Earth Plug-in to your browser. To start the tour, press the play button located at the lower left of the window. This tour will open 30 geo-located panoramas wherein you can pause the tour to view it. You can zoom-in or out the panoramas or rotate it by using the navigation feature found at the upper right of the window. To continue with the tour, press the play button again. Enjoy! If you want to view it on a wider page, click here.