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Capitol Radio Program on DZVC Tackles Environmental Issues

Leaving no stone unturned in its resolve to address the burgeoning issues and problems besetting the natural environment of the island, the Cua administration has launched its first ever environmental radio program, aiming to awaken the consciousness of every Catandunganon and rally their support for environmental programs and projects.

The program, Ikaw at ang Kalikasan, began airing Feb. 17, and will be aired regularly from 7 to 9 A.M. every Saturday. To be anchored by Forester Mar Donato of the Provincial ENRO, the two-hour program will be a mix of entertainment, general information, public service, and interaction with the listening public through Short Messaging System (SMS) and other modes. However, it will focus on local environmental issues and problems affecting the general well-being of Catandunganons.

Everyone is encouraged to share his or her thoughts and brilliant ideas on how the environment and natural resources of Catanduanes are better protected and preserved. Messa…

NGO Urges PNoy to Convert Watershed Forest Into a Natural Park

VIRAC, Catanduanes - The Catanduanes Sustainable Development Inc., a non-government environment petition letter recently petitioned President Noynoy Quino His Excellency President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III to convert a watershed reservation in the province of Catanduanes into a Natural Park.

The petition paper states the alarming scenario affecting the vast flora and fauna, the life support system which are now in degenerative state due to uncontrolled human activities to the gradual decline in the quality and quantity of the ground water, surface water, and other essential ecosystem services.

The group also appealed to Gov. Joseph C. Cua and Rep. Cesar V. Sarmiento, for the immediate establishment of a natural park in the Island province.

The members of the ECODEVI advocates the establishment of the Catanduanes Natural Park through the expansion of the Catanduanes Watershed Forest Reserve (CWFR) under Presidential Proclamation 123 date June 23, 1997, to include large portion of Ca…

17th Century Old Pandan Church

The 17th century old church is located in the northernmost town of Pandan, Catanduanes. There is not much available information online except for a brief article on Wikipedia.; The Pandan Church was built in 1874. The roof was completely razed by fire in a great conflagration of the town in the 1920s. This was repaired within five years during the incumbency of Father Jose Magno. The roof of the church was again blown completely in December 1940 by a super typhoon considered as the strongest typhoon that ever passed Catanduanes. The typhoon left 60 dead and 75,000 homeless. It took many years to repair it; Again, the church was destroyed by typhoon Jean in December 1947. And completely repaired under the management of Father Orias done near the end of 1953. What is interesting about the wiki article is the mention of the strongest typhoon that hit the island province. I was wondering how strong it was, compared to today's howlers, since there is no record as to its intensity.…

Heavy Rains in the Philippines

Heavy rains, flash floods, and landslides in the Philippines had affected more than 450,000 people and killed at least 18 by January 5, 2011, the United Nations reported. The Associated Press reported that nearly 13,000 residents had sought refuge in emergency shelters. Casualties resulted from drowning, burial by landslides, and electrocution.

This image shows rainfall over the Philippines from December 30, 2010, to January 5, 2011. The heaviest rainfall—more than 900 millimeters or 35 inches—appears in dark blue. The lightest rainfall—less than 100 millimeters or 4 inches—appears in light green. The heaviest precipitation is concentrated along the eastern coasts, southeast of Manila.

In early September 2010, the United Nations reported that the Philippines could face a strong storm season resulting from La Niña conditions. La Niña generally intensifies rainfall over the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and northern Australia.

This image is based on data from the Multisatellite Prec…

All National Roads Concreted by 2015

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has disclosed that, based on the current pace, the concreting of the national road network in Catanduanes will be achieved before the end of 2015.

Catanduanes DPWH District Engineer Ignacio Odiaman made the statement to the Tribune last week while engineers were finalizing the programs of work covering the P682 million budget of the district for 2011.

"Of the amount, about P673 million will be spent for the concreting of the circumferential road network in Viga, Gigmoto, Baras, Gigmoto and Pandan." Odiaman said, adding that P9 million will be used as counterpart of the Philippine government for the Spanish-funded construction of Sicmil bridge.

Congressman Cesar V. Sarmiento, for his part, expressed elation at the report that the Philippines and Japan have already signed and exchanged notes covering the grant of a P21.4-billion loan for the for the repair and maintenance of roads in various parts of the country, including Cata…

Inauguration of Solong Mini Hydro, Set This February

VIRAC, Catanduanes (PIA)- The inauguration of the Solong mini hydro power plant with a 3.6 power generation is scheduled this February, 2011 after almost two years of construction. According to project manager G. FLoro Barrameda of Sunwest Water and Electric Company (SUWECO), there’s still no exact day set for the inauguration because it will depend on the availability of the schedule of the guest speaker. Hitoma 1 and 2 of Barangay Obi, Caramoran will also be inaugurated on the same date. According to Barrameda, since last week of January, they already started supplying with FICELCO from 1.6 to 2.6 megawatts power generations depending on the request of the Cooperative. If operation will be full-blast, according to the contract they can supply up to 3.6 megawatts from the two sources from Hitoma 1 and 2 with 1.5 and Solong with 2.1 megawatts. At present, the power plant is still under dry run and will be stable this year. The mini hydro power plant is also expected to help in sol…