Wow Travel Blogs Philippines

The Philippine Department of Tourism plans to tap the services of travel bloggers, social networks and media to promote travel and tourism around the country. There are quite a number of travel bloggers and this post is for those who want their blog to be unique, below are suggestions you can experiment:
  • Geolocated photos (Flickr and Panoramio) and youtube videos are more effective than an album or a slideshow web presentation - live data link.
  • Geo RSS feeds, real-time traffic and events calendar. - for live feeds.
  • Digital maps e.g. Google maps and Earth is accessible on smart phones and other wireless gadgets.
  • Create a 3D view of your community or a selected tourist spots in the Philippines. You can also create a walking tour in selected Philippine cities which can be accessed by a traveler on smart phones.
  • Use of streetview technology for panoramas, makes browsing more fun and interesting.
  • Create a live online gadget of domestic airline flights, buses and ferry/ship schedules in major ports and bus terminals.
  • Update contents on www.wikipedia re: profile of towns/municipalities, protected areas, parks and cities - live data link for visualization.
  • Update government statistics related to tourism for data visualization to enable tourists and stakeholders make an informed decision based on the information they see online.
  • Use of geo-located microblogs (Twiter and Google Buzz), for bloggers on the field to mark the exact location (GPS) of an unknown/undocumented spots i.e. caves, beach etc.
  • Geo-located HD videos uploaded in YouTube, tag for content and geo-targeting.
Live data link is same as a live video streaming, a blogger can link it to an interactive map, a timeline, data visualization, to an app or gadget and embed it on their website.

Traditional travel blogging is more on the content or the narrative side accentuated by photo albums or a slideshow rather than the visualization of the place. The suggestions above, is focused more on 3D visualization, online sharing and collaboration. The objective of this kind of blogging is to enable travelers, tourists, investors and stakeholders make an informed decision based on the information provided i.e. interactive maps, feeds, photos and videos.

There are many technical ideas and other stuff not yet added, you can suggest more...