Discovering the Hidden Wonders of Catanduanes

Many sights and beaches in Catanduanes are still waiting or partly been discovered particularly in the northern part. Most of these places are hidden from public view, obstructed by lush vegetation or by mountains.

Viga CatanduanesSince, it would take years before someone could discover and promote the natural splendor of these places at the ground level. So we thought of using Google Earth to illuminate these areas to give tourists a striking panoramic view.

The image above is located at the eastern shores of Viga Catanduanes, off the Pacific ocean. Included in the image are the Barangays of Tambongon, Buenavista, Botinagan, Soboc and Tinago.

Viga Catanduanes Wild apes still inhabits in some areas, a local once told me. These creatures can be seen while taking their morning swim in nearby shores.

Sparsely populated, most of the locals rely on deep-sea fishing and upland farming as a form of livelihood. Local households are connected to the local power grid and telecommunication is available in some areas (you just need to go to a higher ground to get a better reception). This place can be reach either by sea or by land. Best time to visit is summer months from April to August.