Dugui Too: Nature Trip

One of the barangay in Virac. Experienced the thrill of hiking on a steep zigzag road gyrating from mountain to mountain; towering heights of limestone cliffs to cyrstal water as cold as ice dancing gracefully over the stone.

Shapes of stones and limestones representing different faces of animals... amazing God's creation! What an experienced we had with my two siblings and a nephew, 02 January 2010.

by: RSA

  • Possible Elasmosaurus and Ammonite Fossils Found - There may be fossils of marine monsters in the Silungan ning Higante site north of Dugui Too in Virac.
  • Trek in the Wilderness - Last April 5-7, a group of ten, composed of two geologist from the National Museum and five guides set out to investigate and collect samples of ammonites fossils reported last year by Mr. Osias Alberto in a mountain rock in Catanduanes called Silungan ning Higante.