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DENR to Enrich the Country’s Biodiversity Awareness this 2010

In a bid to put a stop to the continuing loss of species throughout the world and increase public awareness on the importance of biodiversity for life on Earth, the United Nations General Assembly declared this year as International Year of Biodiversity (IYB), with the theme, "Biodiversity is Life, Biodiversity is our Life".

The loss of biological diversity is essentially the bottom line of what people are doing to this planet and we are losing species at a rate which experts put at a rate that is 1,000 times their natural progression," Acting Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Eleazar Quinto said.

Quinto cited some of the major threats facing biodiversity which include habitat destruction due to massive deforestation, chemical pollution, biological pollution or introduction of alien invasive species and over-exploitation of biological resources.

"We at the DENR are taking advantage of the celebration to call on our citizenry to actively engage in various…

A Summer in Catanduanes

MANILA, January 1, 2003 By Ma. Carmina T. Mosura - (10th Prize Winner, Travel Now Essay Writing Contest co-sponsored by The Philippine STAR, Philippine Tourism Authority and Fuentes Publicity). It is summer in Catanduanes and I am shocked. The minute I step on the tarmac of the Virac Provincial Airport, I am immediately seized by the urge to mail a letter – a short one, really – to PAGASA. One that says, succinctly, "You are all liars." The thing is, one automatically gets a mental image of a storm-bedraggled island at the first mention of Catanduanes. This may be based on years of weather reports that invariably situate every storm visiting the Philippines as being situated anywhere from a few miles to a hairsbreadth away from the island. It’s a sore spot among the friendly, peace-loving locals who never tire of pointing out that the storm warnings that reference the island come from the fact that a weather outpost is situated in Catanduanes itself, being the westernm…

Catanduanes Tribune Appeals for Help to Readers to Further Improve its Services

For the first time in the 10-year history of the Catanduanes Tribune website (it began appearing on the Internet in December 2000, seven months after founder Fred Gianan Sr. died of pancreatic cancer), we would like to appeal to our dear readers to help us further improve the website.

As proposed by loyal reader Raymond Abundo of USA, we would like you, especially those who live and work abroad, to join him as one of our Preferred Subscribers by paying US$100 or P5,000 yearly for the privilege of reading the Tribune website. Preferred Subscribers will enjoy reading the raw Tribune materials ahead of the website issue and will likewise receive gift and promotional items from the Tribune.

Readers who are in the Philippines are likewise encouraged to volunteers their own contributions to our effort to enhance the website through the following: hiring of a local web expert to assist web admin Richard Revelar; pursue the introduction of Breaking News section and interactive news; and, proc…

DOT Renews Grants to Grassroots Sector

As ecotourism becomes a major dynamic particularly for rural areas in Asia, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has renewed its call to award grants to viable projects in the grassroots sector. Under the program GREET or Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Employment in Tourism, the DOT will give assistance in forms of financial aid, provision of skills, knowledge, values formation and other entitlements to projects and programs that espouse environmental sustainability in concerned regions throughout the country. Tourism is our major economic resource and we have to look ahead into the sustainability of this wealth. Espousing ecotourism, and guiding community members to the role, are some of our main objectives, cited Tourism Secretary Ace Durano. Launched in 2007, the program has allocated close to P17M to beneficiaries nationwide. Fifty percent of the grant budget for CY2010 will be given to new projects while the rest will be allocated to further assist or expand implemented projec…

Mayon Eruption Brings Biggest Surge of Tourists to Albay - PIA

Legazpi City (11 January) -- Albay province has recorded an influx of some 76,000 tourists, foreign and local alike, as Mayon Volcano eruption, displaying spectacular show lava trickling from the crater down the slopes, mostly visible at night time, took the limelight of being the most-sought-after among other attractions in Bicol in time for the holiday season. Albay Governor Joey Salceda said on Monday (January 4) the unprecedented figure of 76,000 tourists arrival in the province had Albay achieved the province's annual target in just a month based on a 2,400 current daily tourist arrivals since December last year. Salceda added that the Mayon eruption has definitely created a significant surge in transport utilization, hotel accommodation, and food services, among other tourism's facilities in the province. The Department of Tourism (DOT) in Bicol noted that the Mayon eruption has greatly contributed to the tourism sector with a hotel occupancy rate of 80 percent as co…

ARDCI Firms Up Support for Tiger Grass Promotion - CT

The Agricultural and Rural Development for Catanduanes, Inc. (ARDCI) is not letting up on its intention to help in developing the local tiger grass (lasa) industry by making its presence felt once more at this time when other "sugbo" traders, some coming all the way from Bataan, begin negotiations with lasa farmers. It may be remembered that when ARDCI started buying "sugbo" last year, the lasa farmers were already desperate at the very low buying price of P20 per bundle, such that some farmers just burned their produce rather than lose much in the transaction. An ensuing dialogue with major "sugbo" stockholders in the Hitoma district resulted in a fair agreement on a buying price of P30 to P40 per bundle. However, as ARDCI intervention came by the month of May, the available tiger grass was already limited as negotiation and buying usually start as early as December of the previous year. Nonetheless, the local trader’s entry became a saving grace for …

2010 to Test our Commitment to Reform and the Environment - CT

The coming year could prove to be a watershed in the Catandunganon’s quest for reform, good governance and environmental protection.

In the political arena, there is a chance to elect to public office reformers and first-timers with no taint of misdeeds. There may be a few incumbents we could bear to return to their posts but majority of our officials deserve to be kicked out. The only thing that keeps the electorate from doing so is vote-buying. Perhaps, we can expect a minor miracle here and there.

Good governance should be the measure upon which elective officials, and those who salivating to succeed them, should be judged. Citizens, particularly poblacion residents, know who among those sitting in power merely went through the motions of governing in the past two years and a half and thus should earn the boot. They know who should be retained and who among the former government officials deserve another turn.

It is unfortunate that the money that will flood the island during the w…

CSC, DOST Conduct Training on Dye Technology for Textile, Fiber

Twenty-seven participants benefited from the Training-Workshop on Natural Dye Extraction and Textile Application Technologies jointly conducted by the Catanduanes State Colleges Extension Services Unit and the Department of Science and Technology – Catanduanes on December 7-11, 2009 at the CSC Extension Services Office. Prof. Sonia R. Vargas, CSC extension services director reported that 16 of the 27 participants come from five handicraft and cottage industry cooperatives—the Buyo Caragumay Product Producers Association (BCPPA) of Buyo, Virac; Kilusang Kabuhayan ng Kapatiran ng Kababaihan (K4) of Capilihan, Virac; Spiritual & Material Integrated Farmer’s and Fisherfolks Association (SMI-FFA) of Pandan; Batong Paloay Producers Cooperative (BPPC) and Calolbon Handicraft Makers Association (CHMA), both of San Andres. CSC meanwhile had seven trainees and DOST Catanduanes Provincial Office sent four. Procer S. Navarra, science research analyst and Dakila E. Naval, science research …