Kris Aquino Apologizes to Noynoy - MB

For blabbering about his lovelife, Noynoy Aquino had to admonish his sister Kris, who subsequently aired a public apology on showbiz news program, “Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN),” last Sept. 3.

According to the actress-host, who in the past had landed in not a few troubles due to her tactless remarks, his 49-year-old lawmaker brother laments her continued ‘intrusion’ into his private life.

“He doesn’t like it that I continue talking about (his lovelife) and sharing it to the entire world. He reminded me that I am 11 years younger than him and as an older brother, I should give him respect so, Noy, I apologize,” Aquino said.

Kris added she already actually apologized to his older brother earlier via text but that she had to do it again on air.

“I have to promise him that I won’t talk about his lovelife again. So, Noy, I promise, from now on, I won’t talk about it anymore.”

A month ago, during their mother’s funeral mass, Kris reminded his brother about her son Josh’s request for him not to get married as yet.

Josh’s supposed request, Kris said, is for his “Tito Noy (to) never get married.”

A few days ago, she made it clear that the request for extending Noynoy’s bachelorhood was not only Josh’s wish but apparently hers as well.

In “SNN” a few nights past, Kris said she is giving a hundred percent support to the presidential bid of her brother — then requested him to “remain a bachelor.”

"He has so many decisions to make, so I told Noy: 'I only have one request. Whatever is it that you decide, please stay single. I wish you won't complicate life even further."

Kris’ request has earned her the ire of some netizens who wrote about their concerns on the matter.

“It's very selfish for Kris Aquino to ask that kind of request. Her brother, like everybody, deserves to be happy,” read one of many such comments circulating on the web.

Another comment made a swipe at Kris’ controversial past: “She with all her scandalous relationships should be the last person on planet Earth to judge someone else's relations. If she was trying to be funny, well...she wasn't.”

Some thought it suspicious that Kris made her request in light of Noynoy finally revealing the identity of his girlfriend of one year Shalani "Lani" Soledad, a councilor of Valenzuela's second district.

There are talks that Kris and the rest of the Aquino siblings are not in favor of the young politician, owing to their “big age gap” (Noynoy is 49 while Soledad is only 28).

This was belied by Soledad’s camp.

Noynoy has been “uncomfortable” having his relationship revealed to the public. He is particularly concerned about Soledad, who, he said, is not used to being hounded by the media.

“The problem now is that our lives have become a telenovela,” said Noynoy in a past interview.

September 5, 2009, 5:45pm