Concepcion’s Loss Should Not Discourage Local Boxers - CT

The failure of Catanduanes’ pride to wrest the featherweight crown away from the rangy and wily Steven Luevano should not discourage many aspiring boxers from this island.

Instead, it should serve as a reminder that like in the real world, the boxing ring will offer many surprises for gloved combatants. They should better be ready to change their styles to fit their strategy for defeating their opponents.

Concepcion’s career is not yet over and this loss should be considered as a temporary setback, much like Manny Pacquiao’s first loss and his subsequent defeat to a Thailander when he was a world champion. He is young and has enough time to hone his skills further for another try at a world boxing championship belt.

Catanduanes is not lacking in promising boxers, with Abe’s 19-year old brother Bobby, still undefeated, trying to crack the limelight and carry the Catanduanes flag.

Now that a Viga businessman has taken it upon himself to train a dozen of these future pros for free in a cramped, but soon complete, boxing gym, expect many more to be discovered. The administration of Viga Mayor Abelardo Abundo, Jr. is right on the track in vowing to build a fully-furnished boxing gym at the unused multi-purpose center. Let us wish that he carries on with his promise, with the support of local officials and residents. Virac Mayor Santos Zafe is also serious in supporting Virac-born boxers and shrugs off the town’s 4-7 loss to Viga pugs as necessary for the experience.

Boxing is a brutal sport. Many get knocked down on their way up. But this should not deter aspiring amateurs from pursuing it as a career, particularly if they sense that there is little or no future for them even after earning a diploma. As with Pacquiao, the chance of earning huge amounts of money spurs boxers onward. The risks are many but the rewards are greater. And this is not about to change.

Source: Editorial, Catanduanes Tribune - 19 August 2009