Stop the Buying and Illegal Cutting Will Stop Too

Reports of illegal cutting and smuggling of this endemic species of narra hardwood found in Catanduanes is no longer new. And this has been going on for so many years and can no longer be ignored. While many likes to have it as a wooden furniture and for home furnishing, many of these buyers, perhaps, are unaware of the consequences or some simply ignore it.

Narra was recorded as "vulnerable" in the Philippines, "threatened" in Indonesia, and considered "endangered" in India. It is probably now extinct in Peninsular Malaysia because of exploitation - of its few known stands. In the wild of Vietnam, on one hand, it has been extinct for 300 years.

Narra is very attractive because of its flowers. "The flowers are yellow, fragrant, and borne in large axillary panicles. When flowering, the buds do not open in daily sequence. Instead, as the buds come to full size, they are kept waiting to be triggered into opening. The opened flowers last for one day. After that, several days may pass before another batch of buds opens," the Hawaii-based Nitrogen-fixing Tree Association said.