Area 10: Coal Block

The 2009 Philippine Energy Contracting Round (PECR) offered 30 new coal areas including Catanduanes coal district, designated as Area 10, covering 8,000 hectares in the town of Caramoran, Panganiban and Viga. I was thinking how big the (red) block is, so I embedded the coordinates from the Philippine Department of Energy on Google Earth. I also included the Watershed Forest Reserve (green) to give viewers a better understanding.

Catanduanes watershed and area 10 coal blockIf we are to examine areas nearby our island (not included in the photos), there two more marine protected areas located aside from our Watershed Forest Reserve. In the west, a national park in Caramoan, Camarines Sur and in the south, Bacon in Sorsogon, a no-take zone. Even with today's advanced coal mining technology, there is no fool-proof guarantee that mine tailings would not reach those protected areas, particularly during typhoons and heavy rainfall.

Viga and Panganiban coal block.The swamps and mangroves in the town of Viga and Panganiban could be wipe-out including the livelihoods of our marginal fisher folks, prawn farm owners and their families.

Caramoran Coal Block.If mining push through, 14 barangays in three towns will be relocated and livelihoods will be lost, Mabini, Sabloyon, Guiamlong, Bocon, and Datag in Caramoran; Mabini, San Miguel, Quezon and Cabuyoan in Panganiban; and, San Jose (Oco), OsmeƱa, Almojuela, Sagrada and Burgos in Viga.

Just wish to share this information as a fellow Catandunganon. Mabalos and maray na aldaw!