P25M for the Construction of the Codon Port

A reliable source has confirmed that the national government has approved the release of P25 million for the construction of the Codon port and P50 million for the San Vicente port in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

This piece of good news should excite local officials here to the possibility that the spillover from the tourism industry’s focus on Gota resort and the outlying islands in Caramoran would benefit the province. The DOTC is expected to complete the feasibility studies for both ports before actual construction starts.

Meanwhile, the same source said that the US$2.9 funding for the improvement of the Virac airport would include navigation lights. This is also good news for air travelers, especially those who are frequent riders of Philippine Airlines flights that leave Manila late and arrive here with the sun going down. If this project is realized, then authorities need not wait for daylight to send planes with food aid in case another major storm hits the island.

By the way, the DOTC is constructing another perimeter fence in the airport around the lots the ATO had purchased from adjoining landowners years back. The new fence, being built 25 meters from the existing fence, is reportedly being built by a company owned by a certain Victor Daet of Camalig, Albay, for about P5 million. The project started last April but certain portions had to be skipped due to complaints from landowners who have remained unpaid. The complainants find it hard to believe that the DOTC has money for a new fence but does not have funds to pay for the land it has taken.

Inside Page by Fernan A. Gianan
Source: Catanduanes Tribune

  • Changing Economic Landscape - Caramoan in Camarines Norte is being developed as an alternative to Boracay and it is highly probable that in a few years, spill over of tourist from that place would eventually end up basking at the beaches of northern Catanduanes.
  • Virac Airport Expansion - The national government has reportedly secured a US$3 million grant for the expansion of Virac airport as a key component of the tourism development program of the Camarines Sur provincial government.