Possible Elasmosaurus and Ammonite Fossils Found

There may be fossils of marine monsters in the Silungan ning Higante site north of Dugui Too in Virac.

Last April 5-7, three staffers of the National Museum – museum curators Roberto de Ocampo and Priscila Ong, and budget officer and ISLA composer Jerry Tabirao – joined Oseas Alberto, her sister Marilyn and five guides in a grueling, eight-hour trek to the site to verify the fossil find reported last year by Mr. Alberto.

Artist sketch of elasmosaurusAccording to the National Museum researchers, there could be fossils of ancient marine predators buried under the rock at the base of the Silungan rock formation. One of the marine monsters that could be possible found is the long-necked plesiosaur called elasmosaurus, which lived 70 million years ago. Fossils of ammonites, which lived at almost the same time, have been found by Alberto at the Silungan and he has donated his find to the National Museum.

A proper expedition to the site would need funding, something which the Museum does not have. Probably, foreign scientists could take a look at the site in the near future.

Source: Catanduanes Tribune - 22 April 2009