Lighthouse or Parola

In many movies, old lighthouses are often depicted as a rendezvous for lovers, a beckon of hope for navigators and a lure for fishermen. It is also a temporary refuge for birds and wildlife. For designers and builders, it is a structural challenge and an engineering feat. Centuries old lighthouses still stand today in many parts of the world.

Catanduanes being an island, has numerous lighthouses. Designs and sizes varies, the most modern of which, is located on Panay Island in Panganiban (Payo). It is fully automated and solar powered.

Decades ago, most of these lighthouses are kerosene powered and manually operated. A lighthouse keeper has to brave the dark, armed only with a flashlight, matches and a torch, rain or shine, just to get his job done. Possibly, a challenging task and extremely dangerous job when one has to cross a sea during a stormy weather.

This one is possibly the smallest of its kind, one located in Batalay, Bato. Perhaps, this one is a navigational aid to warn navigators of a shallow part or reef nearby.

This one in Gigmoto, can be mistaken for a watch tower, a very simple yet designed to last.

The extreme location, design and surroundings of lighthouses, makes it a good inspiration for a romantic plot and an interesting background for a movie scene.