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Catanduanes Skyway

It is always been a hassle going to north during rain months. Even our new circumferential road is vulnerable to landslides and flooding. What if the provincial government initiates a feasibility study for a cable car system going to north? It would be a landslide free travel and can also be used to attract nature loving tourist, in addition to being less harmful and damage to environment. Cable cars are used to transport goods and cargoes in many countries. I think its time for us to look for other alternatives in the face of high fuel cost and climate change.

Looking for Virac Online Map

I went to National Bookstore to find street maps for Virac since I needed it for my business documents. Unable to find one, I tried surfing the internet for online maps, I tried Google Earth, Live Search Maps and Yahoo! Maps, but still can't find one with street names on it. All of the online maps are only showing major throughfares. This is the online map of Virac closest to what I am looking for except that there are no street names yet.