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Capital Virac

Virac, is located in the southern part of the island and the most populated. Host to business establishments, industries, university and colleges, government offices, hotels and banks. What is obviously lacking is the industrial muscle to convert our raw materials bountiful in the island like abaca to finished products. So at the moment, most thriving businesses are trading of basic merchandise mostly sourced from outside and distributed to 9 towns. Some years ago, Jollibee and Chowking opened up mobile diners and for some reason or another suddenly stopped operating. These establishments often represents the buying power of people in a certain municipality, a sort of status symbol, but now they're gone.

Undiscovered Pandan

Pandan, the northernmost town and the least visited place obviously because of its distance. From what I heard is that, it is close to a rich fishing ground often targetted by foreign poachers. Source of income among the locals are abaca weaving recognized by DTI's OTOP, livestock and a number of inland and offshore fishing. They have the highest number of fishing boats and host to yearly festival of colorful sail boats. From what I heard, it has the most beautiful beaches in the province and also a very thick rainforest.