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Historical Tourism Potential

Bagamanoc, the second smallest town in terms of land area. It is literally facing Pacific ocean making it vulnerable to tsunamis. It also possesses a long shoreline and its proximity to the ocean makes it ideal for fishing expeditions. And indeed, price of fish in this part is the cheapest in the north. A former US Naval faciliy is located at Panay island, a part of the US Early Warning System during cold war years, called LORAN. It also has a mini-hydro power plant project to be commissioned by 2010.

Reasons Not To Acquire SPUG Gensets

It would surprise anyone why the provincial government plan to bid for FICELCO's diesel generating sets. Privatization of utilities is being undertaken in many parts of the world because of shifting global concerns and priorities, while we do the opposite. If their purpose is to help FICELCO's cash flow and bottom line to make it appear financially sound to creditors, then why pass the burden to us taxpayers? If they think it would lower our power rate, we don't think so for it will boomerang in the future. We hope that our provincial legislative body are aware that diesel generating sets are costly to maintain and operate. If they are serious of lowering FICELCO's operating cost, why not interconnect with the Luzon power grid? And, why not instead, focus on alternative power resources? God Bless Catanduanes!

University Town

Payo's strategic location in the eastern seaboard makes it an ideal transhipment point or distribution hub because of one vital road link going to Caramoran that takes around 45 minutes travel time. This town also has potential for aquaculture venture because wild crabs often migrates here to lay and hatch their eggs. It also hosted one time to a beach resort and golf course financed by a wealthy Japanese investor. It also host to a state university, the Catanduanes State College Annex (formerly Catanduanes Agricultural and Industrial College).

Next Eco-Tourism Capital

Viga has the longest shoreline in the province. One time, I visited the villages at the eastern seaboard when a friend asked me to find her a beachfront property with huge waves for surfing. At the road going to the easternmost part, the view is awesome, one will be awe struck by the beauty of its natural coves, islets, inlets and verdant surroundings. Except for one, the unpaved roads, everything is perfect for an eco-tourism development.