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Our Next Gateway To Bicol

Caramoran is the second largest municipality in terms of land area. Its location at the western seaboard makes it the nearest point in the Bicol mainland. And the plan to construct a port as announced by DPWH Sec. Ebdane there by 2010 will make traveling much faster, cheaper and safer. Among its popularly known product is the walis tambo. Often patronized by Filipino households both local and overseas. It also the site for two mini-hydro power plants projects.

The Mighty Sun Rose Again

Watching the early evening news footages of people lining up to buy cheaper rice at NFA stores reminds me of an almost a similar situation three decades ago. This happened when I was still a kid. I could vividly recall my elder sister and cousins who were urging me to join to buy candles and proceed to the parish priest to have it anointed along with several empty bottles to be filled with holy water. As a kid, I was very stubborn and curious to things I don't understand well. So out of instinct I asked. They narrated to me that, tonight there will be purging of sinners and darkness will engulf our planet to last for three days and nights. And on that period, only anointed candles would light, and, the holy water would be used to fight evil spirits who would seek refuge. But before they could get over with their story I left and laugh, but I was reprimanded and eventually obeyed, not because of the thought that they were right.

The eagerness of people to protect and save themselv…

Making Catanduanes a Tourism Destination

Here are some suggestions. A concerted effort from both public and private sector to promote as an eco-tourism tourism destination. Enact laws to protect both tourists and locals. Hotline numbers could be posted, tourist registration and exit survey at entry points.Train our townsfolk to help tourists when asking for directions and not to take advantage of them by asking them money or anything. This would tarnish the image of our island. Treat local and foreign tourists as co-equals and visitors looking for fun, recreation and adventure. Standard rates should be posted at resorts and establishments where they mostly hang around.Identify and catalog every possible tourist attraction, product, endemic plants/animals, creation of forest parks and protection of ancient religious relics.Create an icon, logo or a mascot to represent Catanduanes. Hosting of an Invitational Nature Challenge like photography, fishing or biking around the island to highlight our natural surroundings could hel…

Changing Economic Landscape

At present, Virac and San Andres are the two main entry points going in and out of the island. They have vibrant economies compared to the rest of the towns in Catanduanes because they have the control of the inflow and outflow of goods. By 2010, the DPWH plan to open a port in Caramoran as alternative access going to our island, that would eventually change the way northeners transports goods, travel and transact business. Also, this point going to bicol mainland is much safer during typhoon months. It is a common knowledge that Caramoan in Camarines Norte is being developed as an alternative to Boracay and it is highly probable that in a few years, spill over of tourist from that place would eventually end up basking at the beaches of northern Catanduanes.

So we need to think strategically to optimize this potential.