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Make Your Stand And Be Heard

This will be my last post for the year 2008. I am posting a video about the ill-effects of mining in Rapu Rapu island in the province of Albay. Please view the video. Post your comments and be heard for this not only matters today's generation but the future generation as well. Make your stand now! Happy New Year and God Bless Catanduanes!

Will Northern Catanduanes Be Another Semirara?

Timelapse of Semirara open pit coal mine in the Philippines. List of Operating Contract Holders as of 31 January 2007
Company: Monte Oro Resources and Energy Inc.
Location of Mine: Ubi, San Miguel, Caramoran, Catanduanes
Status: Exploration

Contact Person: Mr. Jose Miguel Cabarrus, President CEO
Office Address: 2284 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
Phone: 893-8409 Fax: 817-4137

Source: DOE

Christmas Wishes of Local Celebrities and Politicians

An interview of personalities and celebrities like Sharon Cuneta, Sen. Dick Gordon and others on how they would spend their christmas holidays.

The Php 105 million: Boon or Bane?

The approval of the governor-initiated Php 105 million loan by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan can be construed as Christmas gift of the legislative body to the executive branch. Probably in the spirit of the Christmas season, the SP headed by Vice Gov. Alfred Aquino decided to approve almost the entire amount of Php 111 million. Imagine if as originally planned, only Php 56 million was allowed, the administration would suffer a substantial setback in terms of fund-sourcing for its Real Property Tax Administration Enhancement Program (RPTAEP) etc. Animosities and bad blood were avoided. The executive, and the legislative had “meeting of minds”. Consequently, Gov. Joseph C. Cua and his economic/financial managers are now grinning from ear to ear. Now it would be safe to say that whatever Gov. Cua wants, Cua gets. History will tell, however, whether the decision to avail said loan by the provincial government is a good decision or not. For the record, it was only PBM Shirly A. Abundo …

Happy Holidays!

To friends, associates, colleagues, relatives and all the nameless visitors... Wherever you are, wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Please post your christmas wish below.

Forest Waste To Fuel

Many of us are complaining about the high cost of (LPG) cooking gas in the market. And returning to traditional firewood fuel would increase strain in our forest resource. Why not try charcoal briquette? Please read the procedures below. Procedure

1. Preparing the raw materials.

Collect the wood (e.g., gmelina twigs, ipil-ipil branches) and no biomass materials (e.g., coconut leaves) that are traditionally considered as wastes. Sort these raw materials. Chop the large-sized raw materials and then, dry them. Reduce large pieces into finer ones by grinding. Screen the ground materials using a 40-mesh metal strainer.

a. Pruned branches and twigs are good sources of raw materials for charcoal briquette production.

b. Sorting of raw materials like coconut leaves, gmelina twigs, ipil-ipil branches.

c. Chopping of raw materials.

d. Drying of raw materials such as peanut shells, rice hull, gmelina twigs/branches and leaves.

2. Carbonizing.

This can be done either by the drum method or by the metal p…

Do You Have A Bright Idea?

Things don't happen, they are made to happen.
For our LGUs, Academic and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who have a bright idea for their municipality or organization but cash strapped, go join in the next year Project Grant competition. Management is handled by a World Bank-based Core Team, in close coordination with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) – Local Government Academy (LGA). Overall guidance is provided by the World Bank Country Director and the DILG Undersecretary for Local Government.

Panibagong Paraan 2008: Building Partnerships for Effective Local Governance

Panibagong Paraan 2008, with the theme "Building Partnerships for Effective Local Governance", invited ideas for projects that help improve citizens' quality of life through effective local governance. Panibagong Paraan welcomed projects that seek to promote, strengthen or institutionalize indigenous mechanisms for participatory governance. Proposed projects aim to build and…

Philippine Style Parental Wisdom

Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ang mga mumunti ngunit ginintuang butil na payo na nakuha ko sa aking mga magulang. Si Inay, tinuruan niya ako HOW TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE: "Kung kayong dalawa ay magpapatayan, doon kayo sa labas! Mga leche kayo! kalilinis ko lang ng bahay."Natuto ako ng RELIGION kay Itay: "Kapag yang mantsa di natanggal sa carpet, magdasal ka na!"Kay Inay ako natuto ng LOGIC: "Kaya ganyan, dahil sinabi ko."At kay Inay pa rin ako natuto ng MORE LOGIC: "Pag ikaw nalaglag diyan sa bubong, ako lang mag-isa ang manonood ng sine."Si Inay din ang nagturo sa akin kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng IRONY: "Sige ngumalngal ka pa at bibigyan talaga kita ng iiyakan mo!"Si Inay ang nagpaliwanag sa akin kung ano ang CONTORTIONISM: "Tingnan mo nga yang dumi sa likod ng leeg mo,tingnan mo!!!"Si Itay ang nagpaliwanag sa akin kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng STAMINA: "Wag kang tatayo diyan hangga't di mo nauubos lahat ng p…

Botika Ng Bayan

The countdown for 2009 is nearing and many would be probably thinking and planning of what business to start next year. And a week ago, someone asked me about Botika Ng Bayan. So I am posting the program mechanics as reference. Eligible ApplicantsNon-government organizations (NGOs) and cooperativesTrade and labor unions, employees’ associationsCorporate foundations and religious groupsSenior citizens’ and women’s groupsSole proprietorships, partnerships and corporationsPre-Qualification RequirementsValid and current registration, either as a cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), a foundation or association with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a workers’ association with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), or any organization authorized and certified by a duly recognized agency.Minimum revolving capital of PhP 500,000.00 for the project, as evidenced by a certification issued by an authorized Bank.Valid government licenses, business per…

Floods and Landslides

One time, I got stranded in the mountains in the north because of landslides and had to wait for hours before earth-moving equipments reached the area to clear the dirt and debris. After the long wait, we hit the road thinking that all was clear ahead, but upon reaching barangay Pagsangahan, the river was overflowing. That was four years ago... Please watch the news footages below. What are landslides and how are they caused?

COA Report - 2007

VIRAC, Catanduanes - Analyzing the financial condition of this province, the Commission on Audit in its 2007 report said the island province’s condition was not financially sound since the cash available at the time the audit was made was only P159.6 million where its total liability was 169.6 million., or a negative balance of P10 million. With the liquidity ratio of .94 to 1, according to the COA report, this means that the province has no sufficient cash to pay or liquidate its current and long-term obligations. It noted further that current assets of P272.10 million was higher than the total liabilities of P169.6 million, or a current ratio of 1.6 to 1 which meant that the provincial government was solvent to meet its current obligations. Catanduanes became an independent province on October 24, 1945, thru Commonwealth Act 687. However, it was RA 7160 which gave local government units total independence in managing its administrative affairs, in conformity with the national …

Crab Center Not A Cartel

Only a few knows that the crab shells is equally important as the meat itself because of this polymer found in the shell called chitin. Chitin is a biological substance which may be compared to the polysaccharide cellulose and to the protein keratin. Although keratin is a protein, and not a carbohydrate like chitin, both keratin and chitin have similar structural functions. Chitin is used industrially in many processes. It is used in water purification, and as an additive to thicken and stabilize foods and pharmaceuticals. It also acts as a binder in dyes, fabrics, and adhesives. Industrial separation membranes and ion-exchange resins can be made from chitin. Processes to size and strengthen paper employ chitin. Hoping that the crab center would not end-up as a cartel in the future. DOLE Helps Catanduanes For Crab Center Virac, Catanduanes (2 December) -- This island province in Bicol may yet become the crab capital of the Philippines. "We will definitely help Catanduanes…

A 25-Year Moratorium On Mining Activities

Perhaps its about time for our leaders and policy makers to put an end to the divisive issue of mining in our island. A 25-year moratorium on mining in any form in Catanduanes would be the best Christmas gift for us all. A moratorium would give us a breathing space to think over what is good for the people of Catanduanes. Refocus our resources and programs for projects that requires immediate attention like tourism, livelihood, health care, education and eventually put to rest the issue of mining exploration. A moratorium would encourage private resort developers and venture capitalists to reconsider developing our place knowing that their investments are protected from enviromental degradation which is detrimental to a tourism industry.

USGS: Open File Report 2006 - 1063

The Republic of the Philippines Coalbed Methane Assessment: Based on Seventeen High Pressure Methane Adsorption Isotherms U.S. Geological Survey, Denver Colorado
Philippine Department of Energy
Metro Manila, Philippines

Catanduanes Coal District The coal sample in the Catanduanes coal district was collected from the Eocene Hitoma and Payo Formations. The formations consist of carbonaceous shale, siltstone, sandstone, and coal beds. The coals are in distinct beds, 0.3-1.5 m thick, and in stringers; those in the carbonaceous shales were deposited in a paralic environment. The coal measure is in a northeast-trending basin bounded by two northeast-trending faults. The beds are steeply dipping to almost vertical, having been deformed by faulting along both northeast and northwest trends (del Rosario and Pastor, 2005a). Catanduanes is an island, part of a group of islands in a southeast-trending peninsula of Luzon. Coal districts of the Philippines containing lignite to semi-anthracite coal…

Duplicating Puerto Galera

A suggestion I received a week ago, from a foreigner wishing to see a Puerto Galera style tourism development in our island. It's a good idea to start with because we have an almost similar geographic features with Mindoro. Puerto Galera is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. It is the northwesternmost municipality in Oriental Mindoro. This coastal town is well known among tourists for its numerous pocket beaches and many snorkeling and diving spots. The area was designated a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973 and has some of the most diverse coral reef diving in Asia. The marine environment has benefited in recent years from the influx of tourist dollars. This has seen a huge reduction in the number of fishermen in the area, as they gain higher revenue from tourists. Puerto Galera is a listed by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays In The World, and is the only bay in the Philippines to be listed there. Among the famous beaches …

Post Retirement Blues

There were many stories about our beloved school teachers being harassed or verbally abused by GSIS personnel. In 2002, I confronted a desk personnel at Legazpi branch for being rude when I asked her to explain over an issue that I don't understand. What she did was, she gave me a copy of R. A. 660 and asked me to read it. Whew... I left instead and sent an email to their head office in Manila and immediately their Vice President clarified the matter to me. When I speak to her again, she was apologetic, restless and perspiring profusely inside the air conditioned room. Her superior came over and asked for the documents. And within a week time my transaction was over. Rural Public School Teachers Score GSIS "Harassment" Business Mirror
Written by Manly Ugalde / Correspondent
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 00:51 VIRAC, Catanduanes—Public- school teachers here assailed the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for alleged cheating, harassment and negligence over their a…

Have You Ever

This promotional video was taken by World Team missionary Bryan Martin from California, USA and now based in Panganiban, Catanduanes. World Team exists to glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on the unreached people of the world.

Second Look At Tidal Power Development

For several months now since I posted a blog about tidal power development in our province. I noticed that there were a number of visitors on my site coming from the tidal power industry and enthusiasts. As well as fellow Catandungans of course, whom many of them are working and residents of US and UK, where the concern for environment is high. Tidal power is one cheap source of energy that is sustainable and renewable in the long run. Many would ask how can it be sustainable when the cost of putting up a tidal power plant would cost million of dollars? Well, we need to look at other alternative industries that relies heavily on power to operate, like a cable transport system and cold chain facilities. With a stable supply of power we can operate a cable car system that would run from the bicol mainland up to the northernmost town of Pandan only in a few hours, to bring in and take back passengers, tourists and cargoes. No need to construct a very expensive bridge just to link us to…

Tourism: The Catandungan Way

In less than two months from now, will be the start of year 2009 and in three months, will be the onset of summer in the Philippines. At this time of year would be a good start to review our tourism goals of promoting Catanduanes as an alternative destination. Everybody knows that our island have a number of tourist attractions; surfing, beaches, resorts, rainforest, hotels, lodging houses, rivers, old churches, seafoods and friendly people. What we probably lack then are, marketing, coordination and logistical capabilities to run our tourism industry like a well-oiled machine. For marketing, we can advertise and sell our tourism destination online because obviously our provincial tourism council have no budget to buy an airtime in the national television. We can capitalize on our local talents to do a music video. We can also capitalize in our student and alumni organizations as marketing arm by giving out flyers, leaflets and through social networking sites. In return, the orga…

Town Fights Quarrying For Iron

BAGAMANOC, Catanduanes – Late in October, opposition from residents and the Catholic clergy in this province has prompted the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Mines and Geosciences Bureau (DENR-MGB) to issue a cease-and-desist order (CDO) against the magnetite (iron ore) extraction activities of Chinese firm Shun Fong Transport Co. The CDO was based on findings of DENR-MGB investigators, who after conducting interviews with residents and company workers, determined that Shun Fong was engaged in the illegal extraction of black sand, locally known as “amargaja”, from Babaguan Bay along the coast of the two towns of Panganiban and Bagamanoc towns, located about 60 kilometers from the capital town of Virac.
The controversy erupted in the first week of September when concerned Bagamanoc residents noted the arrival of the Chinese firm, which began constructing a barge on the beach just a hundred meters away from the municipal hall. They grew alarmed when they saw that the …

Japanese Retirement Village in the Philippines

The Philippines is being eyed as a prime medical, health care and retirement destination for Japanese. According to studies, one out of four people in Japan will be aged 65 by 2020, from one out of six in 2000. Now is the best time to set up the retirement village for Japanese as baby boomers will start retiring in 2007. Several notable Japanese companies have already initiated building medical and retirement havens in the Philippines. These include Sanyo Emeritus Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Sanyo Electric and Emeritus Corp. of Seattle, which provides "assisted living" services in the US and Canada; as well as Tokushukai Medical Corp., Japan's largest hospital chain, which is putting up a $100 million, 1000-bed hospital in the Philippines, targeting elderly Japanese citizens. The Philippines is highly regarded because of its mild climate enjoyed by Japanese, its close proximity to Japan, the high quality of the Philippines' healthcare workforce, and the sign…

Boses Nin Catandungan

If I remember it right, Musika Tanog Bikol was a fund raising drive for typhoon victims in Catanduanes. I was still in college back then, the first concert composed of Catandunganon talents at the then popular hip venue in Greenhills, San Juan.

Smiling At Life In Catanduanes

Possibly, many are wondering why am I posting maps of not often heard remote villages in our island. Peaceful, remote, laid back and rustic. Inhabitants of this small communities often are relatives and have kins working overseas or perhaps migrated in other places. What makes these characteristics interesting to me is, these villages and municipalities can be a potential retirement destination for both foreign or local retirees, once promoted and develop as a retiree's haven. It is projected that this retirement program would be a US$40B industry by 2015. Retirees often are in the twilight of their years and would pose no harm to our security, people and environment. And could be of help in our community by hiring caregivers, drivers, gardeners and househelps. They would not crave for expensive and heavily calorie laden foods, but instead, more on organically grown fresh vegetables and fishes, to which our friendly farmers and fishers can provide. Maybe, there are some former …

Barangay Manambrag

This is Manambrag, a barangay of San Andres (Calolbon) Catanduanes. I never gone to this place yet but it looks like a small peaceful village. According to August 2007 Census, she has an overall population of 2,582. I never thought that there are other places aside from Carmoran that are located alongside the western seaboard of Catanduanes.

Like A Mixture Of Oil And Water

It is somewhat amusing that recent developments in Catanduanes could be likened to a mixture of oil and water. On one side, an ore magnetite extraction and coal mining, while on the other side are renewable energy plants - hydro and wind. These power plants in the pipeline right now, will provide us with clean cheap source of energy harnessed using natural elements. A cheap power would encourage industrialists to invest in manufacturing plants in Catanduanes to process our raw materials like the abaca, which is as of now, abundant in our island. Eventually this will make every Catandungans to have a reason to be proud of. Economically, renewable energy plants will substantially reduce our reliance to expensive crude oil that fuels our double digit inflation. On one side, mining would strip our forest cover, dredge our seabeds, affect our wildlife's natural habitat, displace some farms and fishing grounds. And worst, flood related stress and increased anxiety levels would no l…

Philippine Mining Act of 1995

With the recent issue of magnetite ore mining overwhemingly opposed by residents in the town of Bagamanoc and recently moved the mining site off the coast of Panganiban (Payo), I am compelled to post this Mining Act to serve as reference. "Republic Act No. 7942 or the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 (“Act”) is the governing law that regulates mineral resources development in the country. One of the primary objectives of this act is to revitalize the ailing Philippine mining industry by providing fiscal reforms and incentives and maintaining a viable inventory of mineral reserves to sustain the industry through the infusion of fresh capital through direct investments to finance mineral exploration and/or development activities. The original implementing rules and regulations of the Act was prepared in 1995, and was revised in 1996 under DENR Administrative Order 96 – 40, the revised implementing rules and regulations (RIRR). Collectively, the Act and its RIRR take into considerat…

Pinoy Funny Signages

A friend forwarded this by email. It contains photos of road signs, job openings and product advertisements made by Pinoys in their effort to earn a living, hire, help others find their way and to shout their undying love. Please view the slideshow.

Why I Live In The Philippines?

A friend named "Maeng Ni" posted this. Lahat ng sinabi niya nakakatuwa at totoo... When I travel, people often ask me why I live in the Philippines ? Well here it is... It is the only place on earth where... Every street has a basketball court.Even doctors, lawyers and engineers are unemployed.Doctors study to become nurses for employment abroad.Students pay more money than they will earn afterwards.School is considered the second home and the mall considered the third.Call-center employees earn more money than teachers and nurses.Everyone has his personal ghost story and superstition.Mountains like Makiling and Banahaw are considered holy places.Everything can be forged.All kinds of animals are edible.Starbucks coffee is more expensive than gas.Driving 4 kms can take as much as four hours.Flyovers bring you from the freeway to the side streets.Crossing the street involves running for your dear life.The personal computer is mainly used for games and Friendster.Where coloni…

What's Happening To Us!

I found this alert in my inbox this morning... Pls be careful. Dont accept even calling cards from strangers per incident below. Even calling cards are not safe!!!! A man came over and offered his services as a painter to a female putting gas in her car and left his card. She said no, but accepted his card out of kindness and got in the car. The man then got into a car driven by another gentleman. As the lady left the service station, she saw the men following her out of the station at the same time. Almost immediately, she started to feel dizzy and could not catch her breath. She tried to open the window and realized that the odor was on her hand; the same hand which accepted the card from the gentleman at the gas station. She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt she needed to do something at that moment. She drove into the first driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help. The men drove away but the lady still felt pretty bad for severa…

Bagamanoc's Location

Whenever, I go to Bagamanoc town to buy some fresh fish at the coastline, I never failed to notice the damaged concrete structures nearby, which according to locals were one time residential houses. At the ground level, it is very hard to imagine the extent of the damaged done by the rising sea level and the location's vulnerabilities. Perhaps these pictures would give a better perspective for our local leaders, policy makers and as well as ordinary people like us, that indeed there is reason to be alarmed and to take appropriate action. Second picture, is a bird's eye view at northeast angle. This point is where the northeast moonson originates that batters northeastern municipalities during the last and first quarter of the year. The last picture was taken at the east angle of the island. Note the entry points for Pacific swell during typhoons and tsunami in case the epicenter is located at the northeastern or eastern seaboard. Given this scenario, I think our town …

The 65.5% Question

I was reading this item from NCSB dated May 2007 about Poverty Threshold in Urban and Rural Areas - Bicol. And it never came to me as a surprise regarding their findings. ...The disparity in the cost of living between rural and urban areas is highest in Catanduanes where living in the urban areas cost 65.5 percent higher than living in the rural areas. Among provinces, urban areas in Catanduanes have the highest annual per capita poverty threshold reaching P22,841. On the other hand, cost of living in urban areas in Masbate is only 13.3 percent higher than living in the rural areas of the province. Masbate has the lowest urban and rural per capita poverty thresholds - May 16, 2007 NCSB. Many would asked including me. Why?

Perhaps In Our Wildest Dreams

There is something fishy about these proposed projects like the shipyard and fish port in the northeastern shores of Panganiban and Bagamanoc towns. While we aspire for a better future for our community, we also need to be analytical and more

Pantomina Lyrics And Music

Pantomina is Spanish for pantomime, movements imitating the courtship movements of the rooster and the hen. Ang mga babaye
Kung mayo pa nin agom
Maugay nin aga maugay nin hapon
Alagad kung sinda igua na nin agom
Maugay Octobre, Disyembreng sunudon. Ica palan, Nenang ang pinagsasabi
Magayon na burac sa lugar na ini
Magayon ang tindog malinig ang pisngi
Arin pa daw ang puso ang dai mawili. Can ica sadit pa sadit pa man aco
Si satuyang cawat magkudot-kudotan
Kinudot mo aco kinudot ta ca man
Sabi mo sa saco luhayluhaya man. Ang mga lalake
Hudyan sisaboot
Ang pinagsasabing ngarang pagcamoot
Kundi ang babayeng iyo minahilod
Akong minahiling can mga pangguyod.

Responsible Mining: Easier Said Than Done

While others advocates for a responsible mining in Catanduanes, let us not forget the lesson of this south Pacific island nation, once boasted the second-highest per capita GDP in the world thanks to its fabled phosphate mines, Nauru is today destitute... Read More

Is There An English Equivalent Word For Pantomina?

I often heard this word from party hosts whenever there is a small or even in big bicol gatherings, pantomine referring to pantomina in the bicol dialect. So I checked my online dictionary and the nearest word was pantomime, which means, communication by means of gesture and facial expression. Pantomina - meaning Dance of the Doves, this dance is the highlight of Sorsogon’s Kasanggayahan Festival every third week of October. Groups of participants, mainly elderly in colorful costumes, dance to the tune of Pantomina song. It is a courtship dance originated from imitating the courtship and lovemaking of doves that then showed during the dance where men attempt to please the women. Source: Pantomina is synonymous to bicol gatherings and balls, yet no one had thought if pantomine is really the exact english equivalent word.

Power Load Characteristics

Here are some interesting facts regarding power load characteristics in our province. 21,872 MW-Hr sold in 2004.The peak load registered was 6.5 MW and the base load was 3.2 MW in 2004.68% residential in nature. With 75 % of all households connected to the system.Commercial establishments constitute 18%.Government buildings comprise the single biggest customer of FICELCO. It represents 12% of the total consumption.Street lighting constitutes 2%.There are no industrial customers exist in the island.In 2005, the trend in consumption shifts more to the commercial load because of mobile telecommunication networks in the island.No demand exist yet for irrigation considering 70 % of the people depends on agriculture.

Five Strongest Tropical Cyclones in the Philippines (1947-2006)

REMINGDurian (Nov 26-Dec 1, 2006) 320 kph Virac, CatanduanesSENINGJoan (Oct 11-15, 1970) 275 kph Virac, CatanduanesROSINGAngela (Oct 30-Nov 4, 1995) 260 kph Virac, CatanduanesANDINGIrma (Nov 21-27, 1981) 260 kph Daet, Camarines NorteLOLENGBabs (Oct 15-24, 1998) 250 kph Virac, Catanduanes
Source: (accessed July 21,2008)

Kaloula Kokacii

Many of us probably have not heard of this species called Kaloula Kokacci or Catanduanes Narrow-Mouthed Frog. This can only be found on our island and some parts of bicol. This species is found on Catanduanes Island and on several mountains of the Bicol Peninsula, in the Philippines, from 200-300m asl. It inhabits lower altitude mountain and lowland forests, where it is found in forest, along forest edges, and in secondary growth vegetation. This is a highly adaptable species that also occurs in modified habitats beside these forests. It lives and presumably breeds in water-filled tree-holes and hollows. The main threat to this species is continued destruction of lowland rainforest for agricultural development and human settlements. However, this species is adaptable and is probably not significantly threatened. It was classified by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species as Near Threatened in 2007.

Economics of Mine Development Somewhat Risky

There has been efforts to exploit our coal deposits in view of the constantly increasing price of oil in the world market. And our coal deposit was identified by DOE and was contracted to a private investor. Perhaps we should take a second look at the conclusion of this 1980 World Bank study:... Read more

Reasons for Carbon Project Development

Carbon projects are developed for reasons of voluntary environmental stewardship, as well as legal compliance under a Greenhouse Gas Cap & Trade program. Voluntary carbon (GHG) reducers may wish to monetize reductions in their carbon footprint by trading the reductions in exchange for monetary compensation. The transfer of environmental stewardship rights would then allow another entity to make an environmental stewardship claim. There are several developing voluntary reduction standards that projects can use as guides for development.

Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

The feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated each year on the eighth of September. Usually it is the custom of the church to celebrate the feast day of a saint on the date of their death as this is truly their "die natalis", the day remembered as their birth into everlasting happiness. Mary, however, entered this world sinless through the privilege of the Immaculate Conception and is the firstborn of the redeemed. Her nativity is a cause for great joy as it is considered the" dawn of our salvation" as Pope Paul VI wrote in the document, Marialis Cultus in 1972.

Why So Much Interest To Build RE Power Plants?

Many of us are apparently surprised why there are a number of micro hydro power plant projects, plan to develop a wind park and tidal power in Catanduanes. Why the sudden interest of investors in power generation on the island? Obviously, they are banking on the future of carbon credits in the international trading. Carbon credits are a key component of national and international emissions trading schemes that have been implemented to mitigate global warming. They provide a way to reduce greenhouse effect emissions on an industrial scale by capping total annual emissions and letting the market assign a monetary value to any shortfall through trading. Credits can be exchanged between businesses or bought and sold in international markets at the prevailing market price. Credits can be used to finance carbon reduction schemes between trading partners and around the world. There are also many companies that sell carbon credits to commercial and individual customers who are interested …

Development of Tidal Power Plant

Whenever I go to my cousin's prawn farm, I never failed to take a close look at the sluice gates everytime it is opened to release the stocked seawater inside the pond to either harvest prawns or to simply purge. At one time, I joked to him that he don't need a genset to energize his farm, but only sheer creativity. What I was referring to my cousin at that time was what technical people called, tidal/wave power. And surprisingly, there is an initiative from a fellow Catandunganon, coming from an academic organization who wants to develop a Tidal Power Plant. Tidal power, sometimes called tidal energy, is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electricity or other useful forms of power. Although not yet widely used, tidal power has potential for future electricity generation. Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power. Historically, tide mills have been used, both in Europe and on the Atlantic coast of the USA. The earliest occurrences…

Planned Windpark In Baras

Last Sunday, my friends and I were talking about the planned wind farm in Catanduanes. So I did some research and came up with this company called Cammon Windsolar Energy Inc., a joint venture between German and Filipino partners founded in 2003. The planned site will be located at a 3.24 hectares land in Baras. The factors for choosing Baras were: Distance to the Baras main grid connection point is not far away. There are good provincial and municipal roads.The Wind Farm Exploration and development is one of the most welcome investment in the Philippines.There is enough distance to the residential zone.The wind speed is between 7 – 8.8 m per second.The properties are in the average 85 % Government Owned Land.There are abandoned logging roads. The terrain is rolling.The grid connection is more than sufficient for Wind Turbine Systems.